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A True Christmas Story – “Charlie’s” Pocket Watch

Posted in Spiritual Experiences and Readings, Uncategorized on Dec 01,2012 | Written by rich-braconi

This is a true story that unfolded into one of the most amazing gifts that my daughter could ever receive from her deceased grandfather.

During my early development, I would seize every opportunity to enhance my ability to connect with the spirits that surrounded my friends and family. On this particular afternoon in December of 2006, Michelle and I were quietly talking in the kitchen about our Christmas plans. During our conversation, I began to sense the presence of her father, “Charlie”, who had passed from a heart attack several years earlier. Michelle noticed that I began to drift into a stare. She now understands that this look on my face is an indication that there is a spiritual presence who is trying to communicate. Her father had come through a couple of times prior to this occasion. He often shared very insightful and helpful information to his living family. He was a huge Elvis Presley fan. He owned many of his albums and was often caught singing his songs. He now possesses a clearer understanding of life that is much different then when he lived here on earth.

While sharing her father’s messages with Michelle, my daughter, Courtney, walked into the kitchen. Seeing I was connected to a spirit, she quickly asked her mom who I was talking with this time. Michelle replied to Courtney that her grandfather is here. Courtney responded with a big, “Hi Grandpop”. Her Grandfather created a vision within me of him smiling. He then quickly inquired to what special gift Courtney would want for Christmas. I then shared what he was telling me with my daughter. Without any hesitation, Courtney responded by saying that ever since she was very little, she always wanted an old silver pocket watch. This was a total shock to Michelle and I. Not once during all the past moments of her life has she ever shared her love for an old silver pocket watch. What happened next was quite odd to me. I must admit, I was just a little hesitant and unsure if I was correctly receiving the following information from Courtney’s grandfather, “Charlie”.

Through imagery, words and feelings, “Charlie” proceeded to share details of a specific old silver pocket watch and where it could be located. He proceeded to show me a picture of New Hope, Pennsylvania. He told me that there was a store located on the right side, not the left, of the main street driving into town. He showed me a corner where there was an abandoned store. His images continued by showing me that three stores away will be a Jewelry Store that sold watches. He showed me a picture of what I believed was the store’s owner. The image was of a man who was approximately sixty years old, who was thin and had all grey hair. He showed me a cane hanging in the corner of the store as if it belonged to someone else. He told me that I would be paying approximately $210.00 for the pocket watch. He made me feel that the pocket watch is silver, that it was made in the early 1900′s and it belonged to a man who lovingly passed it down to his son before he died. Courtney’s grandfather then smiled once again as his presence slowly faded away. In his departing moments, I felt as if he was saying the I have done all that is possible from me. It is now up to you and Michelle to do what is possible from both of you.

To be very truthful, I was quite skeptical of what I just received was actually true. I was very new to Spirit Mediumship and equally new to understanding it. I have learned that Mediumship is not about talking with spirits. It’s mostly about growing your understanding of your own spirit. There are many life lessons that have occurred for me during my spiritual evolvement. One of them is showing faith in what you sense and know is the truth. I truthfully know that my connection with “Charlie” was a strong one. My next step was to have faith in it. I have learned that there are many great moments in our life waiting for us to experience them. However, we often question ourselves, create doubt and allow our minds to talk us out of those experiences. Our life is meant to unfold without our interference. We are suppose to allow life to prove itself to us. So, Michelle and I planned to do just that.

A few days later, without the knowledge of my daughter, Michelle and I took a trip out to New Hope. We drove down Route 29 making a left to enter the town. Not being too familiar with New Hope at the time, we were on the lookout for any abandoned store on the right side of the road. As we approached the main town road intersection, what we saw pleasantly surprised us. Sitting on the corner, just like “Charlie” shared was an abandoned store. We made a right turn, parking our car in a nearby lot. After exiting the car, we proceeded to walk towards the abandoned store. Stopping across the street, we began to count down three stores from the abandoned corner store. The third store was a small store with two names on it. Being somewhat nervous and eager to get inside, it was not apparent to us by looking at the outside of the store exactly what kind of store it was. The stairs were few and we quickly entered the unlocked door. In tune with the Christmas season, the store was adequately decorated and filled with Christmas music. The shop was relatively small with glass cabinets and countertops circling the stores interior. It wasn’t until we noticed all the different kinds of jewelry within the glass cabinets that we realized we were in a jewelry store. A few seconds later, a man emerged from a back room to speak with the few customers already present. He was exactly as “Charlie” described him. His hair was all grey, he was about 60 years old and he definitely could use a good meal or three. In about a minute’s time, we were approached by the grey haired man. He asked if we needed help in finding anything in his store. Smiling at him I asked if there was a chance that he sold pocket watches. He responded with a strong yes. He stated that he was probably one of only a few store owners that actually sold pocket watches in New Hope. He began to walk us over to a specific cabinet while stating that he had only five left. I asked him if any of the pocket watches were silver. The grey haired man pointed at his display of pocket watches stating I have only one silver pocket watch left, the rest are gold and copper.

He then removed the silver pocket watch from the cabinet and began to provide us with its details. The grey haired man told us that it was still in working order but you had to wind it up. He told us that the pocket watch was made around the early 1900′s and that he obtained it from an estate sale. He said if he remembers correctly the man who owned it passed away and his family sold some of his belongings that they didn’t wish to keep. He wasn’t sure how the man who passed received the watch but he said that quite often these watches are passed down from father to son. This was simply amazing to us! The last detail that Charlie shared with me was the approximate value of the watch. Eagerly, I asked the man what price he was asking for the silver pocket watch. He looked at the tag underneath the watch and it read $210.00. Michelle and I both smiled and told the man we would take it. I then saw the image that “Charlie” previously shared with me of a walking cane being hung behind the counter. As the grey haired man was polishing up the silver pocket watch, Michelle and I looked around the room for any type of walking cane but we saw none. I began a conversation with the grey haired man, hoping to learn a little bit more about him and his business. He shared with me that this is not just his business but his wife’s also. He told me that they have owned the business for many many years. He told me that he misses having her around the shop with him. He stated that due to an unforeseen illness, she is currently unable to walk. He stated that he hopes to have her back in the store with him again very soon. At this very moment, the Christmas music in the jewelry store changed to a new artist and song. Playing loudly within this small store was the song, “I’ll be Home for Christmas” by Elvis Presley.

On Christmas Day, Courtney opened her present from her Grandfather. She immediately became overwhelmed with emotion. Michelle and I shared our experiences with her and the events that led to her grandfather’s gift. Telling and sharing the story of the silver pocket watch has become a Christmas tradition for us.

The abilities of our spirit open up a whole new way to live our life. What I learned from this experience was that we must learn to live life together. This creates a far better experience then learning and doing it by yourself. “Charlie’s” willful effort of expressing a message of love to his granddaughter teaches us that a true loving gesture, a loving word or a loving act is an energy that doesn’t just transcend all boundaries but more importantly, it unites them.

Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi

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2 Responses to A True Christmas Story – “Charlie’s” Pocket Watch

  1. Sue Logsdon thinks:

    Rich – this story is amazing and touching and awesome! I can only imagine the joy felt by Courtney when she saw the watch, and the emotions invoked when you and Michelle told her the story of how you found it! 2 things you said her touched me –
    1. “we must learn to live life together. This creates a far better experience than learning and doing it by yourself” (this brought up a strong emotion to me – I started to cry and I think I know why)
    2. “Our life is meant to unfold without our interference. We are suppose to allow life to prove itself to us” – this is one of the (many – LOL) lessons of life that I keep ‘forgetting’! Thanks for the reminder!
    And thanks for sharing this with all of us.

    Here’s hoping that you and your family have a blessed, merry and joyful Christmas and an uber-awesome New Year!

    See you soon!

  2. Lynn thinks:

    What a beautiful, heart warming story Rich! Making connections and living in faith – doesn’t get any betther than that! Thanks so much for sharing it and your gift! What a treasure you are! Blessings to you and those you love!

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