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Expanding the Presence

Part of our Spiritual Growth comes from learning to give up attempting to control that which is not ours

Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor ~ Rich Braconi

Yoga InspiredI was not born with nor do I possess any unique spiritual gift. I was raised and influenced with a strong Catholic background. Through a personal journey of self realization to change the unprogressive and unwise ways I made choices, I have become aware, aligned and united with a “divine presence of higher wisdom” that universally exists within all people.¬†Uniting with a greater spiritual presence and wisdom than my own was not attained through some godly intervention or miracle. I can truly attest that this presence has always existed as the miraculous part of our spiritual creation. This union of existence that we enter into our physical lifetime with lovingly nourishes and guides the evolution of our spirit. In essence, it helps us fulfill our spiritual purpose. As I learned to faithfully follow this profound inner guidance I began to notice an apparent shift of loving opportunities, people and experiences into my life for me to learn and grow from. Receiving knowledge from a higher source of wisdom can not be accomplished by duplicating words written in a book or from repeating what someone else previously spoke. It came from the sincere personal interest I pursued to truly challenge the previously way I was taught to properly interpret all that I personally experience. The epiphany of understanding that shifted my life began with my personal endeavor to seek the truth about the existence or non-existence of a divine godly presence. As a result, an amazing manifestation and transformation of self has occurred that slowly but steadily replaced my previous spiritually unlearned ways.

“Expanding the Presence” is a term that represents the natural evolution of ones spirit by aligning our own spiritual will with the will of our spiritual God. In essence, we are learning to expand the presence of the divine Godly presence within our spirit by learning how be more of God. To accomplish this unified existence, I had to learn how to surrender sole ownership over my life while simultaneously giving up attempting to control that which is not mine. Giving up ownership over my life was no easy task. Eventually, I learned how to obtain and maintain a spiritual state of peace, quietness and stillness that eventually lead to re-experiencing the spiritual state of oneness that I was originally created and born with. In the beginning of my spiritual awareness, I considered it a great demonstration of my inner strength whenever I could speak the truth during a moment of personal adversity. Now, these moments of adversity no longer hold the same challenge for me. I accomplished this by no longer holding onto the misbelief that the truth will not result in the positive experience that I personally want. I have learned just how important it is to express myself in a truthful way while allowing the outcome of what I truthfully say or do to naturally unfold my life. I have learned the importance of not minimizing the capabilities of my own spirit. I have learned that there is a sincere spiritual need to consistently represent and demonstrate myself in a truthful way. I understand that I need to make choices everyday but for the longest time I didn’t understand how to make wise choices. Now, I have learned that the wisest choice I will have ever have to make is the source of wisdom I am choosing to guide my life with!

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I am a spirit medium, a medical intuitive and I channel guidance and universal truth from much more knowledgeable spiritual sources then myself. Read More


I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy things in a whole new light. You are a very gifted individual and I am very happy our lives have crossed paths. Read More