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Expanding the Presence

Our most important choice is the source of wisdom we use to govern our life with.

Expanding the Divine Presence within Us

“Expanding the Presence” is a term that refers to the evolutionary purpose of everyone’s spirit to be more of the loving essence of God within them. To accomplish this, each of us has to develop the necessary faith to align our spiritual will with the will of unconditional love. Love is a divine communication that has a universal and equal affect on everyone’s life. Everyone has a spirit that naturally co-exits with higher wisdom. However, at an early age, most people are taught to dismiss and doubt the existence and communication of their spirit.  Expanding the divine presence within ourselves is a personal search to understand the profound truth about ourselves. It is a commitment to higher learning while giving up trying to control how we want to learn it. Our physical lifetime was divinely created as an opportunity fulfill our spiritual needs and not our social or mental wants. It is a journey of self-discovering an explanation of how the power of love unites everyone with the same spiritual purpose. It is an enlightening journey of learning how to bring a spiritual way of life to a human existence. Expanding the divine presence within ourselves is a choice we all need to make. The source of wisdom we choose to govern our life with is most important choice we will ever have to make.

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I am a spirit medium, a medical intuitive and I channel guidance and universal truth from much more knowledgeable spiritual sources then myself. Read More


I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy things in a whole new light. You are a very gifted individual and I am very happy our lives have crossed paths. Read More