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Expanding the Presence

The result of learning how to reduce and minimize our thinking is peace. This is universally meaningful to everyone.

Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive ~ Rich Braconi

There is a “divine presence” that was created within all people.  It is an existence whose goodness and purpose can only be sensed.  This presence encourages us and guides us to act with sincerity and true meaning.  It directs us to do what is right and keeps us aligned with the life we were created to experience. Expanding the Presence reflects our willful effort to expand the divine presence that lives within us and allow it into our life.  It is a presence that unites us towards a universal purpose.

Expanding the Presence is an evolvement of our spirit that allows us to live our life with a slower and much more relaxed pace.  It helps us to realize happiness and enhances our understanding of our spirits amazing abilities. It allows us to sense the truth and make choices that truly progress our life. It allows us to stay within the moment of peace without our normal racing thoughts of tomorrow. It calls on the strength of our inner courage to speak the truth.  It allows us to acknowledge and support that which we sense as good.  Evolving our spirit and expanding its presence is the foundation for the life we all seek to live.

About Rich

I am a spirit medium, a medical intuitive and I channel guidance and universal truth from much more knowledgeable spiritual sources then myself. Read More


I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy things in a whole new light. You are a very gifted individual and I am very happy our lives have crossed paths. Read More