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My Lilydale Experience with the Spirit of Joe

Posted in Spiritual Experiences and Readings on Oct 01,2011 | Written by rich-braconi

Expanding the Presence
On Saturday, July 17th, 2010, my daughter, Courtney, and I arrived in Lilydale for a three day vacation. Lilydale is a gated community of certified Spiritual Mediums in New York that opens their way of life to the outside public for 4 – 5 months each year. During this time, the community hosts and sponsors many spiritual events, classes and workshops. The certified Spirit Mediums of Lilydale open their doors to anyone interested in experiencing spirit communication from their deceased loved ones. The certified Spirit Mediums also offer free spirit messages twice a day at a location within their Virgin Forest affectionately known as Inspiration Stump.

On Monday, July 19, 2010, the last day of our short vacation, Courtney and I just returned from hours of climbing and scaling boulders in nearby Rock City Park. We decided to go to our hotel room to change our clothes and to make plans for the rest of the day. While sitting on the bed, Courtney read Lilydale’s daily itinerary and realized there were no scheduled events that seemed to draw our interest. Courtney did observe that the second daily gathering at Inspiration Stump was beginning in about an hour. Never seeing me publicly “read” before, Courtney struck a smile on her face and encouraged me to participate as a “guest reader” at Inspiration Stump. I have come to understand that in our life we are continuously being spiritually directed towards experiences that may hold great meaning for us. Because we have not learned how to recognize these moments as such, we often miss the experiences that these great moments hold for us. I then accepted my daughter’s encouragement to “read” at Inspiration Stump. To ensure a good seat, we left the hotel room and proceeded to walk the narrow roads of Lilydale to the entrance of the Virgin Forest. The entrance to the Forest begins with a dirt path that leads to an open area constructed with bench seating that can seat approximately 200 – 300 people. After finding good seats, I quickly approached the Registered Medium in charge. She was very accommodating and immediately added my name to the list of visiting Spirit Mediums who would be permitted to offer “spirit messages” during the soon to begin spiritual message service.

It was around 5:30 pm, I sat with Courtney in the presence of about 100 people who were slowly seating themselves in the wooden pews. I was placed third on the list with about 4 other mediums scheduled to read after me. While sitting near the end of one of the wooden pews, I began to “get spiritually connected” to a couple that just walked in. I began to spiritually sense a loss of a family member and could sense a need for this family member to speak. After the first two Spirit Mediums finished offering their messages from the other side, they called my name. Feeling very nervous, I slowly walked up to the front. In an attempted calm but loud voice, I pronounced my name and some insight about how I share the spirit information and messages that I receive.

In spite of my obvious nervousness, I began to speak the following message. I became spiritually connected with a young man who was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in his death. The spirit stated that he was the youngest of three John’s in the family. I then asked the audience if there was anyone present that this information made sense to. The same couple that earlier caught my attention where I could sense the loss of a family member around them immediately raised their hands. The lady promptly stood up and stated that she lost someone close to her that died in a motorcycle accident but his name was Joe and not John. I then asked her if she had two Johns in her family that were different in age, if they were connected to Joe (the person who passed on) and if Joe was the youngest. She replied that was all true. I explained that since John and Joe share the same two first letters, my interpretation of what he was saying could be off. I then continued to communicate with the spirit of the young man named Joe who passed in the motorcycle accident. Joe shared with me that he was a mechanic in life and that being a mechanic was his lively hood. I asked her if that was true and she said yes. He shared with me that before the accident he had a surgery on his left leg. I asked her if that was true and she said yes it was. Joe told me that his family made a roadside memorial for him in front of a tree near the site of his accident. She said that was true. He told me that the road side memorial contained items that were red in color including a candle or a hurricane lamp. She said that was also true, his favorite color was red. He told me that the month of June was very significant to him. He shared with me that he was very foolish in life and that he was driving too fast. And while doing so, he lost control of his motorcycle and he crashed head-on with something. He told me that he watches his family get together at the roadside memorial. He said that he watches people cry and pray for him. Joe made me feel that here on earth he felt that he could live his life in any manner that he wished. He told me that he now knows that this not true. Joe shared that he has learned that the life given to him was a gift. A gift that he should have learned how to better cherish. He said that there’s an incredible beauty where he is at now. He said that nobody here is dead. Joe communicated to please tell his family to stop crying for him. He wanted them to know that his life is not over but about to have a new beginning! When the spirit communication stopped, in a grateful manner, I thanked the attending Registered Medium for the opportunity and quietly walked back to my seat next to my daughter.

It was at this time, I took a moment to seek the understanding of this experience. I began to understand that the message being given to that couple was not just for that couple. It was a message about life for everyone present who may be mourning a loved one. It was a message about how our life is a true gift that we should nurture and cherish and not take for granted. I learned that even without the presence of a body, our spirit is still capable of affectionately expressing love for the people who were meaningful to our life. A few seconds later, I received the biggest hug from my daughter. The sense of proudness she expressed to me in that moment is a feeling that I will not soon forget.

After the other Spirit Mediums finished sharing their messages, Courtney and I began our walk to one of the local café’s within Lilydale. About fifty feet into our departure, we were approached by a man and his wife. The man shook my hand and the woman offered me a hug. They spoke many kind words about the reading they witnessed and shared how emotionally touching it was for them. They nicely asked if I would please provide them with a private reading of their own. I shared with them that Lilydale prevents any guest mediums from providing any readings on their property. I sincerely Thanked them again and they departed.

As Courtney and I finished walking the path out of the Virgin Forest, the couple that received the messages from the spirit Joe, approached us. In an emotional state, they went over every detail of Joe’s messages and confirmed that everything was true. They said that they took time out of their life to travel to Lilydale to hopefully find help in overcoming their grief. They said that his death just occurred a little over a month ago, in June. In a quiet voice, the woman stated “I can’t Thank you enough for what you done for us”. The couple then turned around and returned to their family who was watching in the distance.

Courtney and I soon arrived at one of the two small cafés in Lilydale. We joined a line of people that were waiting to order their meals. While standing in line, Courtney and I were approached by a woman. She stated that she was part of a small group of people who just witnessed the messages from Joe. She stated that the spiritual reading one of the best she witnessed at Inspiration Stump today. She stated that she and her friends were so touched by the experience that she wanted to share with me how she felt. She gave me a hug before returning to her group seated nearby.

After ordering our food, we sat ourselves at a vacant table and waited for our meal to be served. About a minute later, Courtney and I were approached by a woman who told me that she was part of the family that was connected to Joe. She told me that her family drove a long way to Lilydale in hope of receiving communication from Joe. She told me that her and her family wanted to express how grateful they are to have received communication from Joe. She told me that her family so greatly hoped to hear from Joe and that the messages that Joe shared as well as knowing Joe is alright will help them in their effort to move forward with their lives. After giving me a big hug, she smiled and walked back to her family.

It was while this woman was walking away, that it struck me. I realized this all began from a simple encouraging request from my daughter. Her request and the encouragement that followed was the beginning of a series of moments, messages and experiences that I and many other people may remember for the rest of our lives. Courtney’s personal encouragement enabled a family in true need of spiritual and emotional healing to experience and receive the affirmation and spiritual messages that they came to Lilydale in search of. I have learned that what may appear to be a moment of little significance in life may actually be the initial spiritual spark that triggers a series of occurrences which unfold in such a manner that the result holds great meaning and healing for those involved.

With a clear understanding of the day’s events, I shared with my daughter how her sincere expression of encouragement was the necessary spark the set forth a set of meaningful experiences that will be remembered by many.

Approximately one year later in September of 2011, I returned to a local bed and breakfast within the gates of Lilydale for a few days of personal rest and relaxation. During my first day in Lilydale I found myself walking about the community visiting locations that I felt spiritually inspired to visit. The daylight hours were just beginning to fade when I felt influenced to walk to the only floating dock in Lilydale. The dock is a wooden structure with a roof that houses several wooden benches and a table. Watching the sun set from the docks view over the lake is simply beautiful.

As I made my way towards the dock I noticed very few people walking the grounds of Lilydale. As I approached the docks entrance, I noticed a solitary man sitting on the bench tending to his fishing pole. Upon entering the covered dock, the man made eye contact with me at which time I greeted him in a friendly manner. I began a conversation with him about the fishing in Lilydale and the type of fish that inhabit the lake. He responded by telling me that he has lived in Lilydale for over 15 years. He stated that he often fishes from the dock amongst other places around the lake but not as often as he used to. He stated that the main fish in the lake are bass, carp and catfish. After a moment or two of silence, the man smiled at me while stating that he knew me and that my name was Rich. The man’s face was unfamiliar to me and I apologized for not recognizing him. He replied that I wouldn’t know him but he knows me.

I asked the man to please share how he knew me. He stated that because he lives in Lilydale, sometimes his wife and he walk up to Inspiration Stump to listen to the spirit messages from the different Spirit Mediums. He stated that in July of last year he happened to be present when I connected with the spirit of a young man named Joe who died in a motorcycle accident. He said the details of Joe’s life and the messages that I provided the family touched him in such a way that he will never forget my face. He stated that the connection I made with Joe on that day and the information I provided to his family was one of the best demonstration of Mediumship he has personally witnessed any certified and guest Spirit Medium give at the stump in the 15 years he has lived there. He said that after the message service, he was present with Joe’s family members while they were talking about what they just experienced. He said the emotional joy and relief that they received from my communication with their son, was one of the most touching experiences his wife and he has ever witnessed.

The man then reached for my hand and began to firmly shake it. During his handshake, he stated that his wife and he often speak of the “reading” with their family and friends. He then picked up his fishing pole and tackle box and prepared himself for his walk home. As he was leaving the dock, he smiled at me one last time while wishing me a good night and offered hope to meeting in Lilydale once again.

Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi

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9 Responses to My Lilydale Experience with the Spirit of Joe

  1. Brenda Plazio thinks:

    Thank you for sharing your experiences at Lilydale. I have wanted to visit Lilydale for several years now.
    There is no greater gift than hearing from a loved one that has passed on. You give peace and comfort and help those left behind to move forward.

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Brenda, Thank you so much for taking time out of your life to write your thoughts. There is much more about our life that seeks our understanding. When we share our life here on earth with people we establish a deep spiritual and energetic connection. When they pass over early in their life we often feel a spiritual separation that can be painful for us. Energetically communicating with them allows us to truthfully know and understand that they are now continuing their life in a very peaceful and loving place. I hope you have an amazing day! ….. Rich :)

  2. Kathy thinks:

    I needed these messages today. Life is amazing and to be able to understand via you that our loved ones are happy and around us lifts my soul.

    You, Rich, are amazing!!!

    Hugs, love, smiles and giggles,


    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Kathy,
      Thank you for posting your very kind comments. I am very grateful for these moments in my life. Sharing them with people such as yourself allows us to more fully realize and understand the spiritual way of life we have yet to learn. I hope your day is most amazing! ….. Rich :)

  3. Christina Fiorella thinks:

    Hi Rich,
    I was recently at your new center in N.J. and I am a friend of Christine Volpe. There are so many unanswered questions we have in life and I was truly changed by what you told me. I am a positive person who keeps hurt and troubles inside but your reading was enlightening and I cannot thank you enough. My son John was never interested in things like this until recently when he started to experience messages. Too much to say here but I am truly thankful. I do love life and I want to live.

  4. Maryann thinks:

    Thank you for sharing your gift with simplicity, humility, and grace. I am forever grateful for the peace you have enabled so far while I continue to navigate the challenges of the journey, (with your continued guidance), which I am open to understanding.

  5. Linda Karen Empfield thinks:

    I met you this evening in Lisa Williams’ class Diversities in Mediums. Please accept my thank you for your sincere and compassionate reading and guidance for me as I was a bundle of nerves. Your reading was amazingly accurate and comforting.
    Love and Light

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Linda. Thank you for your kind heartfelt words. It was a real blessing to have partnered with you.
      I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. I hope the rest of your time in LilyDale is filled with amazing moments! ……. Rich :)

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