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Expanding the Presence

The only life you are meant to control is your own. It was created as your one true possession.

What is Fear? Why did God create it?

Posted in My Spiritual Perspective and Experiences on Sep 09,2018 | Written by rich-braconi

Fear is an unloving response we receive whenever we mentally think we
cannot control the outcome of a future situation in the way we want for ourselves.
We have the ability to minimize and eliminate fear from our life. It is important
to understand that our human existence is solely about our spiritual evolution and education.
The response of fear is part of our spiritual education. Our spirit can pursue what it senses
a divine and natural love for which is nothing to fear. Or, our spirit can pursue whatever
our thinking brain wants to try to control on its own which is something to fear. Pursuing
what we spiritually sense a natural love for, what feels right or our gut instinct (all the same)
will always guide us towards experiences that will ultimately produce a loving and positive outcome
for us to enjoy.

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