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The only life you are meant to control is your own. It was created as your one true possession.

The Spiritual Necessity to Give Up Sole Ownership over our Life

Posted in My Spiritual Perspective and Experiences on Aug 12,2018 | Written by rich-braconi

Most people live a spiritually unlearned existence. In this existence, people
mentally doubt and dismiss the existence and communication of their spirit. In this existence,
we learn to rely on our mental reasoning and thinking as our source of intelligence and guidance.
Unfortunately, when we place our faith in our mental interpretation of life
we weaken our spirits ability to receive higher wisdom and love’s guidance.
When we open ourselves to universal truth (our one true religion) we align ourselves with a way of existence
that allows our spirit to be inspired with higher wisdom. Seeking the truth will eventually
lead us to a self realization that we always had a co-partnership with higher wisdom.
By surrendering ourselves to whatever is universally truthful we essentially surrender
sole ownership over our life. This is our starting point towards unconditionally trusting
the natural guidance of love and higher wisdom that our spirit has always co-existed with.

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3 Responses to The Spiritual Necessity to Give Up Sole Ownership over our Life

  1. anne mazza thinks:

    Rich your words and energy behind them slowly dance from the page and blow around me like a gently breeze

  2. Joanna Tipple thinks:

    Sometimes my response can be as light and lovely as Anna’s was. Other times I am way to far into my head to say more with less. I just know that that I know something – some times – that lets me know I am on the right path and then boom – it’s gone and I’m not sure where I am at or what I should be paying attention to.
    I know that the answers are within and need to be uncovered but years of counseling, reading, and listening to those such as yourself Rich – in this field – don’t seem to be helping me get any closer to unveiling that which has been hidden.. – even if w/in myself. My spirit is tired…

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Joanna,
      I so understand what you are experiencing. There were many moments during my self learned path of understanding how to spiritually interact with life where I felt lost. confused and alone. At the time, I didn’t realize that those moments I was experiencing held very important spiritual life lessons that I simply was not understanding. For instance, when I first began to understand how to spiritually communicate, everyday I would make time to learn and understand more about the design and creation of our life. During these quiet moments I made for myself, I began to direct myself to the area’s of life, such as love and relationships, that I wanted to receive wisdom about. Whenever I did this I was unable to make the spiritual connection that I had been enjoying. Sometimes, a week or more would pass by without any spiritual connection, communication or interaction. Up to this point in my life, I had learned that if I made an effort at something and it didn’t work out I would often quit my pursuit of that effort. However, I no longer knew this was the right choice for me. I began to re-look at the moments where I made a strong spiritual connection. I made a sincere effort to notice any difference between the moments when I made a spiritual connection and the moments when I was unable. In this process, I became spiritually aware of one very big difference. During the moments when I directed myself to spiritually connect with a certain portion of life I was unable to make a any spiritual connection. I learned that the reason preventing me was of my own creation. I discovered that I had to spiritually surrender myself to a higher wisdom without energetically expressing how I wanted to receive it. I had to learn how to release all energetic self control of the process. I was now learning how to release controlling my life while learning how express real faith in my spirit. I learned that spiritual communication is not something that we have to learn how to do but an understanding of something we already are capable of doing. It is not found in any process that involves visualization or meditation. It is the understanding of how to energetically reshape our spiritual vibration to coincide and coexist with the spiritual energies around us. I hope this helps! …… Rich :)

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