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The only life you are meant to control is your own. It was created as your one true possession.

What is the purpose of having Free Will?

Posted in My Spiritual Perspective and Experiences on Aug 11,2018 | Written by rich-braconi

The divine purpose of everyone having Free will is to give all people the equal freedom to freely
choose the source of wisdom they wish to guide their life with. This is probably the most
important choice we will ever make. Primarily, our spirit is divinely connected to two
different sources of knowledge and potential wisdom. One source, the most
common choice our spirit makes, is to follow the knowledge and guidance offered by our
brain’s thinking process. The second choice our spirit can make is to follow the
love based guidance our spirit receives from higher wisdom. Most people are influenced and educated
about the importance to follow the guidance which comes from our mental reasoning and thinking.
It is rare that families educate their children about our spirit’s ability to receive knowledge
or guidance that we can spiritually sense, feel and know is the truth. Spiritually sensing or
knowing what is and what is not the loving word, act or opportunity to choose is a valid communication that
we should base our entire life and all our choices on. However, very few of us place our unconditional
faith in this communication. Even though we can make either choice, only one will produce
the loving outcome we wish for our life.

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5 Responses to What is the purpose of having Free Will?

  1. Joan thinks:

    Coming from an seminary educated backgroun – the issue of free will tends to catch my eye. It’s a tricky concept – this notion of free will and following what one’s own path seems to indicate. What happens if my free will is a cross purposes with your free will? There is ulitmate “Truth” but how do we find the way to intergrate the creation of ourselves with so many differences and undestandings in not harmful ways. I’ve had my own experiences – being as faithful as possible to discern the true intent of making a choice only to have it backfire -(or seem to) and perhaps at the expense of someone else.
    Do we have the ability to live without free will? I think many people chose to – they don’t want to risk making a “bad” decision so it’s easier to have someone else tell them what to do…(or it seems easier). But, if I am exercising “free will” I want to do so in a way that isn’t about just myself but what is for the greater good….although it is sometimes hard….

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Joan,
      Thank you for your great comments. I have learned that “free will” is freeing the will of our spirit. The will of our spirit was created with the ability to offer guidance to us by sensing and recognizing what choices are spiritually good and spiritually right for our life. This willful guidance directs us towards good and loving experiences that we are personally meant to learn from. Sometimes, this involves us separating from people, places and locations that are no longer spiritually enriching to our life. Many people have not learned how to recognize the willful voice of their spirit. Many have not learned how to act with self-courage and have faith in what they spiritually sense, know and understand. Unfortunately, this is the norm in our world. Most of us grew up with family, friends and\or an environment that were spiritually unlearned. This can cause us to be spiritually unlearned resulting in our choices to be void from actually knowing or understanding what the right and good direction is for our life. We are then left with making a choice with our brain that is solely based upon what we “think” and “believe” is true. This results in us having what we consider bad experiences. It is not some much that our experiences are bad or good, as it is our choices that allow these experiences to enter our life. By learning how to recognize and accept the right and good choice for our life, we begin to learn how to create the life we were created to experience. Experiences are different in every persons life, however the life lessons necessary to enhance our spiritual wisdom is universal to the progression of all our lives. This keeps us spiritually united to achieve our universal purpose. Many of these different experiences people have in their life involve the life lesson of understanding and ability to express love. Understanding Love is a universal Truth that exists within all of us. As we grow our ability to shift our spirit to the forefront of our life we experience life in a much more enlightening way. It is the understanding of how to realign our co-existence of mind, body and spirit to a much more harmonious interaction of spirit, mind and body that provides our life with much needed support. This is not a technique but more of a self-achieved spiritual evolvement of co-communicating all energies of life. This self-achievement will increase the amount of moments in our life where we now become more familiar with recognizing the good energies that provide true direction for our life. In turn, this will allow us more opportunities to make wiser choices for our life. As these moments increase so does our good experiences and our life lessons. As this pattern continues, we learn how to only follow the true energies being expressed to our spirit and to give up the choice of following what our mind “thinks” and “believes”. Hence, we no longer live with free choice. Angels and Spirits always tell the truth and do not have free will. This is because their spirit does not co-exist with a brain. This leaves only the spiritual direction to speak and act in a good and loving way. …… Rich :)

  2. Donna Lee Carter thinks:

    No! I prefer to choose between enjoy or not enjoy. Freewill requires too much thought although poetry can be a beautiful thing. Thanks for the thought.

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Donna,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I so understand what you are saying. The feeling of enjoyment or non-enjoyment is an essence that was created within all of our spirits. This essence is not something you chose to receive or create within yourself but an energetic spiritual response to a choice you made in life. Which is why we are only capable of sensing or feeling essences and can not think an essence. This essence is part of what I was referring to about receiving true spiritual guidance in life without thinking or thought. You have learned to surrender yourself to follow it’s guidance. Enjoyment or non-enjoyment are essences that you are now familiar enough with that they are helpful in your life. You have learned how to trust what it is telling you and guiding you to do. In essence, you are surrendering yourself to the truth of the essence. Again, this is all done without thinking or thought. The same is true with the essence of love, goodness, peace and happiness. Their spiritual presences in your life is felt and sensed and is easily done once we become more acquainted with their energetic signatures. Much like you have done with the essence of enjoyment or non-enjoyment. They are all spiritually created energies to guide us in life and align us with more meaningful experiences. ….. Rich :)

  3. Donna Lee Carter thinks:

    I was picking out music to use as a communication bridge for individuals whose brain waves have atypical patterns when I found an album (CD) from the 70’s. I chose to get high on the sound waves. There was much else that should have been done but I chose to sit in the middle of the room like a vegetable and fly a dancing sound wave to infuse with the music; I chose to be more than one. I chose to feel and experience with out limiting anything. I choose to become euphoric as often as my schedule allows. Thanks so much for luring me to think about things that I do without thinking. FUN. O-yea Thank you spirit for being such a joy junkie.
    Thanks Rich

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