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Expanding the Presence

The will of our spirit was created with the freedom to search for an understanding of how to choose wisely

Meet Rich Braconi

During my early years I became very passionate about learning Martial Arts. Over time I achieved the rank of a 5th Degree Black Belt and a Master Instructor. Eventually, I became the co-owner of a Martial Arts School that remained in operation for over 8 years. Eventually, I gave up ownership by transferring the school into the capable hands of several of my students. In addition, I spent over 27 years of my life as an Undercover Narcotic Detective and Criminal Investigations Detective. Currently, I am a self-taught and self-learned Spirit Medium, Medical Intuitive and Spiritual Mentor that has achieved a working understanding of how to spiritually receive universal truth that is based on unconditional love.

During my earlier years there have been many times in my life where I became aware of a lack of happiness within me. I also noticed how I struggled to understand how to wisely make choices that best served my life. I wasn’t interested in making choices that would make people proud of me, I was interested in making choices that in the end would make me proud of myself. I realized that it was easy for me to critique other people’s lives but I seldom had the courage to look at my own in an honest and truthful way. Even though, I was raised to believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I honestly never really experienced any proof that would convince me that God actually existed.

When I was in my mid forties of age, I was at a low point in my life. During this time, I came to the realization that I didn’t have the knowledge or wisdom to move my life forward. As a result, I began a sincere approach to pursue my Catholic belief that within all of us exists a “divine presence of God”. I began with an honest reflection of myself, which was no easy task at the time. I spent weeks looking at myself and my life in a truthful way. During this reflection, I became aware that I had two sources of potential wisdom that I could use to guide me in life. One potential source of wisdom came from the thinking process of my brain. I recognized the second potential source of knowledge and wisdom came from me being able to simply know when something is the truth. I realized that when I had a moment that I simply knew knowledge that was based on the truth that this knowledge did not come from my brain but felt more like it came from the center of my chest. As a result, I took a leap of faith and entertained the idea that this source of potential truth based knowledge could be my spirit. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was beginning my journey of learning how to nourish the evolution my spirit and greatly shift the way I interpreted my life!

At this point in my life I very often felt lost and very much alone. I just didn’t have the answers to the questions that I spent many years praying for. So now, I decided to entertain the possibility that if I had one moment where I simply knew knowledge that was based on the truth, could I have many more moments of simply knowing the truth. To hopefully accomplish this, I decided I was going to do my best to minimize thinking about life. However, I had no idea of how to do this or if it was even possible to function without thinking.

Eventually, I learned a process of how to quiet my mind and achieve a spiritual state of peace. Over time, I became able to even maintain this spiritual state of peace while working as an undercover narcotic detective. As a result I began to have more and more moments of knowing knowledge that significantly helped in guiding my life in a loving and wiser direction.

As my life began to positively shift, everything about me began to change. My diet changed, the people I shared my life with changed and the clarity of what I understood changed. This was the first time, I was actually focused on changing me and not everyone else.

Even though my progress always seemed slow and I often became frustrated, I later understood that I was learning to develop my faith. Demonstrating absolute faith has been an important spiritual lesson for me.

Then, during what I thought was a routine moment of my day, the most amazing clarity of understanding occurred. It was as if I was given a “new set of eyes”. I began to sense and receive truth based knowledge that is universally meaningful to all people. A knowledge that was divinely created and designed to unite all people with a common purpose. I have learned that it is important to represent ourselves in a genuine and truthful way but it is even more important to make a sincere willful effort towards who we wish to be.

The influence of a racing mind, random thinking and confusing thoughts began to fade from my life. I began experiencing a new pace in life, one that allowed me to live peacefully moment by moment. Over time, abilities only found within our spirit began to make themselves known. I showed faith in the knowledge and understanding I was now receiving as if it came from a higher wisdom or even God. However, I wasn’t sure this was the truth. It was important to me to see validation in the knowledge I was receiving. So far, the shift in my life provided me with enough validation that kept me hungry for more. So, I began to learn how to speak into a digital recorder to record the knowledge that was being shared with me. This course of action resulted in two things. The first is having over 300 hours of recorded dictation. The second is growing my ability to verbalize the spiritual knowledge that was being communicated with me.

My next step was to test and validate what I considered to be a universal knowledge. Of course, I chose some close friends to not only confide in but who I knew would tell me the truth. I asked them to not just simply listen to the knowledge I was about to share with them but to please find reasons to debate and challenge this information. After several weeks of conversations and challenging questions, they all validated the knowledge as being universally meaningful to them. In the months to come, it was very rewarding for me to witness the amazing progression within their own lives.

Since this time, I have dedicated my life to expanding the abilities of my spirit. Now, I host and offer spiritual events where I demonstrate the ability of my spirit to communicate with spiritual beings, sense and correct physical imbalances within the human body, see past lives as well as sharing a divine way of experience our life that is based on unconditional love. Over the past 10 plus years, I have learned to shift my spirit to the forefront of my life. This has enabled me to live in the natural alignment of Spirit, Mind and Body and not the unnatural alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit. I am grateful to have met so many incredible people. I also feel very blessed to have had so many amazing experiences. I have learned that there is much more to my life than what I was previously taught and I am sincerely Thankful that a divine loving God truly exists within us all!

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Expanding the Presence
Expanding the Presence
Expanding the Presence
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I am a spirit medium, a medical intuitive and I channel guidance and universal truth from much more knowledgeable spiritual sources then myself. Read More


I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy things in a whole new light. You are a very gifted individual and I am very happy our lives have crossed paths. Read More