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Expanding the Presence

To experience higher wisdom simply surrender yourself to what you spiritually sense is the truth.

Spiritual Mentor, Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive ~ Rich Braconi

During my early teenage years I became very passionate about learning Martial Arts. Over many years of dedicated effort and time, I attained the rank of a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor. Eventually, I became the co-owner of “American Karate Institute”; a martial arts school that operated for over 8 years. At 22 years, I was hired by the Hamilton Township Police Department as a Patrolman. For four months, I attended a very physical, mental and academically demanding Police Academy. I was awarded the Physical Fitness Award at our graduation ceremony. After only 3 1\2 years as a Patrolman, I was transferred into the Narcotics Bureau; soon thereafter I was promoted to Detective. Around this time, I was accepted into the department’s “Emergency Response Team” to expertly train against any overt situations that jeopardized the community or public. For the next 24 years of my life, I accepted the role of an Undercover Narcotic Detective and Criminal Investigations Detective. I was the affiant in 1 Multi-state Wire Tap Investigation and over 120 Search Warrant Affidavits granting authority to search for evidence related to drug, homicide and other violent crime violations. Near the end of my retirement I experience a very low point in my life. I began to sense a great inner need to seek truthful answers about myself and to validate or not validate the knowledge that was taught by family, society, school and church.

Even though I felt very accomplished according to the standards of our society, I came to the realization that I didn’t have the necessary knowledge or wisdom to produce lasting feelings of love and happiness on a day to day basis. To hopefully change this unfulfilling inner sense, I spent several weeks contemplating my past choices and experiences in a truthful way. It was during this relentless reflection of myself that I became intuitively aware of guidance offered by two entirely different sources of potential wisdom within me. One source of guidance came from my mental thinking. This process usually offered me mental reasons to support what the truth may or may not be. The second potential source of wisdom came from some inner ability I had to receive heart centered information that I could somehow sense was the truth.  Taking a leap of faith I entertained the idea this heart centered information may be a communication related to my spirit, if it was true that I indeed had a spirit. 

By completely surrendering myself to what I can sense is the truth, this sincere effort eventually taught me a profound understanding that rewarded me with the strength to quiet my mental thinking while maintaining a state of spiritual peace, quietness, stillness and eventually a state of oneness.  This spiritually centered endeavor opened and expanded a hidden divine communication that empowered an evolutionary change within me based on the communication of unconditional love. Even though my progress always seemed slow, I later understood that I was actually strengthening my faith. Demonstrating blind and unconditional faith is an important spiritual lesson.  My many years of being afflicted with uncontrollable thinking, mental resistance and confusing thoughts began to fade from my life. I began experiencing a new pace in life, one that allowed me to live peacefully within the moment. Over time, abilities only found within my spirit began to make themselves known.

Over the past 10 plus years, I have enjoyed witnessing the natural shift of my spirit to the forefront of my life. My life seems to more naturally unfold because I no longer try to control it. I feel that I have attained a universal and profound philosophy based on the power and communication of unconditional love that equally affects everyone’s life. I can honestly attest, my initial endeavor to seek a more profound perspective of myself eventually opened a hidden spiritual communication which triggered a humble transformation of self that continues to this day.

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I am a spirit medium, a medical intuitive and I channel guidance and universal truth from much more knowledgeable spiritual sources then myself. Read More


I have truly learned to slow down and enjoy things in a whole new light. You are a very gifted individual and I am very happy our lives have crossed paths. Read More