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Spirit Mediumship Gallery – (Massage by Laura – Marlton, New Jersey) – Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Posted in Events, Classes and Workshops on Jun 03,2016 | Written by rich-braconi

In this 2 hour Spirit Mediumship Gallery, self-taught Spirit Medium and Medical Intuitive Rich Braconi will connect with family, loved ones and friends who have passed from your life. People who have passed from our life often ascend to a higher existence where love and the truth is their greatest influence. In this spirit form, they only share the truth about themselves and their life here on earth. During the gallery, spirits will share details about themselves, their death, meaningful people to them, past moments within their life and often true insight of future events. Rich’s unique abilities also allow him to relay deep spiritual messages. Messages of personal guidance and love that are often very meaningful to your life. The spiritual messages that Rich shares are often filled with universal wisdom and contain a profound insight that everyone present will find spiritually inspiring and beneficial to their own life. Rich will attempt to read as many attendee’s as possible but there is no guarantee that everyone will receive a personal reading.

This event will be held

Date: Tuesday, October 9th, 2018
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Fee: $40.00
Location: Massage by Laura
Address: 3 Deltona Lane, Marlton, New Jersey
Phone:: Laura at 856-287-5840

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3 Responses to Spirit Mediumship Gallery – (Massage by Laura – Marlton, New Jersey) – Tuesday, October 9, 2018

  1. Nichol Eckart thinks:

    How do I register for this event? Do I have to call Laura?

    • rich-braconi thinks:

      Hi Nichol. I hope you are doing great! Unfortunately, Laura recently sent me an email to notify me
      that all seats for this event have been filled. I am sincerely sorry. If you are interested, I have other
      events that are coming up that still have available seats. Laura also mentioned that she would like
      to provide similar events in the near future at her location. And yes, please use the name and phone number
      that I provide at the end of each of my events listed on my website to register for a seat. I hope your day is awesome! ….. Rich :)

  2. Elizabeth markus thinks:

    I notice u sell out quickly. If I don’t get called from the wait list tomorrow at Laura’s… how do I get quick notice of the next available event?

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